Call for candidates for the new 2019/2020 Talents program

[CALL FOR APPLICATIONS]: Applications are now being accepted for the third Talents program. The deadline is 24 June 2019.

Talents is a year-long business acceleration program for five French fashion brands.

The objectives are to:

The first two groups included Atlein, Karine Lecchi, Proèmes de Paris, U.N.X, Maison Château Rouge, Côme, DA/DA Diane Ducasse, Les Expatriés, Miko Miko, and Fête Impériale.

Over the course of a year beginning September 2019, the five chosen brands will receive support from a team of coaches and experts. The brands will be coached on business topics (structuring a business, timelines, business plans) and attend master classes on key issues for their development.

“The Talents program gives developing brands expert guidance on their challenges. It’s an operational response backed by a panel of competent, accessible experts”, explains Priscilla Jokhoo, Fédération Business Division Director.

The Talents program, created and coordinated by the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, receives support from DEFI.

Download the registration form below.


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