3 questions for ... Richard Davies & Marcia Lazar, founders of Zedonk

In 2001, after 20 years of working in the fashion industry, Marcia Lazar decided to start her own brand. At the time there were no IT tools to manage her collections’ different steps, from production all the way to selling. She got the idea of building a program to centralise all the information about a product’s life (technical files, raw materials purchasing, production orders, inventory management, accounting, etc.). And that’s how the Zedonk program, which was finalised with marketing specialist Richard Davies,  began. With one click users can generate purchase orders and production orders, keep track of stock levels, and manage invoicing. The platform can be customised and documents can be set up with a brand’s logo. Erdem, J.W. Anderson, Marine Serre, Mary Katrantzou, Nanushka, and Victoria Beckham have all chosen this solution.

We met with Zedonk’s two founders, CEO Marcia Lazar and Sales Director Richard Davies.


Could you tell us about the specific features of your solution?

Richard Davies: Since its beginnings in 2007, Zedonk has rapidly become the most sought-after business management software in the fashion industry. By bringing together the  fashion and technology worlds, its intuitive system has revolutionised the outmoded business management systems using Excel tables.

Marcia Lazar: Zedonk was the result of my own needs when I managed my Science London fashion brand in the 1990s.There wasn’t any reasonably priced, available technology to manage and cross reference all the data about sizes, colours, and seasons. Today over 700 brands and showrooms in 39 countries use our solution to rationalise all their activities – sales, production, logistics – no matter what the business’s size or speciality. Zedonk automates countless tedious tasks so that companies can work more efficiently.


What advantages does it give young brands?

Marcia Lazar: Using our specialised technology to automate manual processes helps young brands save precious time that they can then invest in design, marketing, and selling their products.

Richard Davies: According to our information, one of the main reasons that young brands fail is that they don’t have a management tool that lets them make decisions based on accurate information. Decisions often seem improvised and intuitive rather than carefully thought out. Zedonk helps emerging brands structure their activities as soon as they start.


What do you think are the issues for fashion brands today? What are their challenges?

Richard Davies: The development of social media has radically transformed the fashion sector and completely changed how brands and designers become known. With the introduction of new technologies in the fashion industry, there are new opportunities and challenges to confront. As the markets become more saturated, achieving visibility can prove to be difficult. So brands are investing a lot of time in digital marketing. When concentrating on these new communication methods, brands are apt to neglect their daily tasks and increase their workload. That’s why it’s a benefit over the long term to set up an automated system for all the cumbersome processes and operations. Zedonk lets brands grow and concentrate on what they really like doing – being creative.

Zedonk is a partner of TALENTS program of Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, an acceleration program for French fashion brands, supported by the DEFI.