At a time when nonstop innovation challenges even the most traditional practices in our industry and affects every part of our ecosystem, many questions remain unanswered. From the revolution of design and manufacturing methods to the new ways consumers use products, what does the future hold for fashion brands?

The Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin is simultaneously a participant alongside its members and institutions and a front-row observer of the evolutions we’re experiencing. The TRAFFIC trade show is place for connections and discoveries. It’s the result of our determination to support businesses in this new era by helping them identify innovative solutions for their professional dilemmas.

To do this, for four years the trade show team has kept a close watch on each of the event’s main themes: fashiontech, marketing, retail, international, and human resources. Over the past three editions we’ve created an indispensable event that has welcomed 6,000 fashion brand deciders and more than 200 exhibitors who were carefully chosen based on standards of innovation and relevance. We’ve set the stage for dynamic encounters in over 150 workshops based on specific themes and their concrete solutions.

TRAFFIC’s mission is also to decipher the sector’s current and upcoming trends. We bring you a future-focused conference program* that presents renowned experts who share their visions. Since the beginning, the conference program has covered around 40 main themes – from fashion entrepreneurship to the next big changes in our professions due to the arrival of artificial intelligence.

TRAFFIC’s fourth edition on 20 and 21 March 2019 at the Carreau du Temple will take a deeper look at these new issues in the Innovation Forum*. To guarantee stimulating conversations and interactive presentations, this year exhibitors will lead 80 workshops on topics that are both fundamental for fashion brands and linked to their solutions.

The TRAFFIC trade show invites you to promote your solutions and services in a space set up for making contacts where you can grow your business and expand your networks.


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The TRAFFIC trade show

20&21 March 2019

Carreau du Temple