Fashion Tech

Anticipating the future and preparing businesses for the changes underway are some of our priorities. The Fédération, with support from DEFI, presents a new program that connects FashionTech startups with fashion brands.

The first theme is the omnichannel traffic generation.
This project is for fashion brands who want to increase customer flow and visibility on their website and social media platforms as well as in their stores and with distributors. It’s also for startups or already established digital solution providers that offer innovative answers to businesses’ specific problems and who can prove their structure’s long term validity and growth potential.

Five fashion brands and five startups will be chosen to work together in a proof of concept framework. Each pair will function as a team to define the need and the best digital solution, and they’ll share the examples that prove their success!

At the end of the experiment, the startups can use the digital developments on a larger scale and with complete autonomy. They’ll have operational solutions that can be directly applied to fashion brands.

Pierre-François Le Louët