3 questions for … Adrien Garcia, founder of the Entreprendre dans la Mode podcast

After studies in the hospitality sector, a Masters in Business, and a career start with Alain Ducasse and then the British fast food chain Pret A Manger, Adrien Garcia decided to go back to school. Inspired by the examples of Jean Touitou (A.P.C.) and Jonny Johansson (Acne Studios), the adopted Parisian had dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since childhood. He studied a year and a half at Studio Berçot and then worked as an apprentice at Louis Vuitton and an Assistant Handbag Designer at Balenciaga. In September 2017, attracted by the growing podcast sector, he decided to create Entreprendre dans la Mode, which is dedicated to all the entrepreneurs and players in the fashion industry.


What’s the concept for your podcast?

Before Entreprendre dans la Mode, there weren’t any fashion podcasts from an entrepreneur’s point of view. So I wanted, on a weekly basis, to go meet a man or woman who had created a project in the sector to understand how they had made a successful business. I’m extremely interested in meeting people who have taken control of their future. Designers, entrepreneurs, retailers, public sector figures, public relations professionals, investors, or influencers – I want to give the general public access to the fashion world, so I talk to everyone. Many big names in the textile industry started with next to nothing, and I think these calm, focused discussions where we take the time to talk, think, and share practical advice on the air, give hope to people who want to change their lives.


What kind of profiles do you choose?

In choosing my guests, I’m essentially motivated by a feeling, meaning people who have a particular kind of success story, whether it’s an intriguing artistic or economic background. I’m also very interested in those who have failed or who are at the end of their project. Failures are obviously very instructive. It’s important today to break the always beautiful, always perfect model created by Instagram and other social media. In the beginning I started contacting people (my heroes in a way) to meet me for coffee early in the morning before I went to my classes. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t. I drew from my inner circle; my work as an Assistant Designer at Balenciaga had helped me expand my Parisian address book. But what works the best is absolutely the last question I ask at the end of each interview, “Who’s the person you’d like to hear in an upcoming podcast?”.


Often the guest gives me a name and introduces me. Marie-France Cohen (Bonpoint, Merci, Démodé), Vanessa Seward (A.P.C, Vanessa Seward), Lou Menais (Jour/né), Nathalie Rozborski (NellyRodi trend agency), Pierre-François Le Louët (President of NellyRodi and the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin), and Alexandra Van Houtte (Tagwalk) to name a few. Today over 30 episodes have been taped.


Why did you choose the podcast format?

With everything that’s fake on the television now, people want to be given more time and especially in a more quality way. Thanks to the podcast format and its absence of editing, there are no misconstrued statements, repeated commercials, or journalists’ interruptions. It’s an authentic and sincere approach to dialogue. Guests very quickly forget the microphone and share their thoughts more easily. It’s truly a unique, personal event, as if the listener was in direct contact with the guest. It’s also a good way to pass the time when you take long trips on public transportation every day.

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