With its extensive network of photographers, digital agencies, and artistic directors, the Communication Division creates on- and off-line communication tools for each Fédération event.

Fédération Magazine 02

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Fédération Magazine 01

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As part of the call for applications for the TALENTS program’s second edition, the Communication Division has created a series of five video-portraits of the first edition’s chosen brands and their coaches.

Discover the talents of Youssouf Fofana from Maison Château Rouge

Discover the talents of Antonin Tron from Atlein

Discover the talents of Marie et Olivier Dall'Arche from U.N.X Paris

Discover the talents of Karine Lecchi

Discover the talents of Marion Gauban Cammas et Ulysse Meridjen from Proêmes de Paris

Discover the talents of Guillaume Lambert and Pascal Conte-Jodra from the TALENTS program


Traffic #3  -  Jour/Né

Traffic #2  -  AVOC

Traffic #1 - Etudes Studio

Mode in France

Established in 1996, the Mode in France Tokyo and Mode In France Taipei trade shows welcome over 3,000 visitors and around 100 exhibitors every year.

Andrea Crews’ creative label  imagined in 2016 the display and logo of the show

For 2018, Mode in France gets a new look with art from Marc-Antoine Coulon.